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I served and protected our neighborhoods for 20 years.
Now it's time to save our state from politicians who don't listen to us. 

Rob Speranza is a proud, life-long resident of Bayside, where he attended Holy Cross High School and graduated from St. John’s University with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. He has lived his entire life in Northeast Queens and has enjoyed the quality of life and sense of community this area offers. With deep family roots in this city, Rob is running for State Assembly to represent Northeast Queens in restoring the safe way of life and pride in of our neighborhood we once had.


 Rob has always had a desire to help others. He began at an early age with volunteer work teaching religious instruction, followed by joining the NYPD Auxiliary Police along with the Bayside Ambulance Corp. Later, he expanded his service as a member of Community Board 11, an executive board member of a local hospital, and the Fraternal Order of Police as Recording Secretary and Treasurer in addition to executive board member of the Knights of Columbus, serving as Recording Secretary. Through all of these organizations, Rob has consistently had a positive impact on his community.


Rob began his professional career as a NYC Probation Officer. It is here that he saw what impact the accumulation of weak leadership, poverty and lack of learned skills has on our society as a whole. Soon after, Rob joined the NYPD and worked to keep the streets safe while again noticing common elements that lead to crime. He learned through speaking to those in trouble just what is needed to help individuals become independent and successful. Through the years, he has seen the quality of life in the city and state rapidly decline and is determined to fight to undo the damage that has been created by our current officials. It is with this first-hand experience and knowledge joined with a lifelong desire to help people that makes Rob the choice candidate to fight for us in Albany. 


Rob Speranza believes in the values we all want…safe streets, community pride and love of country for which so many have paid deeply. Please help Rob in stopping the decline of our community, city and state and bring NY back to safer days.          

Come out and vote for ‘We the People’
on November 8th

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