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Multiple women attacked by repeat sex offender who had been previously released under “Bail Reform”

Surveillance images of suspect.

Daily News reports:

“A 55-year-old man was arrested in Manhattan for a string of groping attacks in Manhattan — about two weeks after he’d been busted and released for separate incidents of forcible touching and menacing — police said. Scott Blake’s latest arrest, on Wednesday, was for a series of July incidents in which he allegedly approached numerous women from behind and grabbed their buttocks before fleeing. He was charged with seven counts of forcible touching, four counts of sexual abuse and one count of stalking, cops said. Prior to that, he was arrested on Aug. 8 for menacing some women and forcibly touching others — seven victims total — outside the New York Public Library in Midtown that same day, cops said. He was arrested after attempting to flee from officers. At the time, cops had not identified Blake as the person of interest for the string of nearly identical July attacks, and he was released, police said. It was not immediately clear why Blake was set free.”

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