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VISION TIMES's interviews Rob Speranza in feature article

Excerpt from VISION TIMES article:

On Aug. 4, Robert Speranza, who is running in this fall’s midterm elections to represent New York’s 26th District in the State Assembly, met exclusively with Vision Times to discuss his platform.

Speranza is a life-long resident of Bayside, where he attended Holy Cross High School and went on to graduate with a B.S. in Criminal Justice from St. John’s University. Having begun his career in law enforcement as a NYC probation officer, he eventually moved on to join the ranks of the NYPD, where he worked to keep New York City streets safe. It’s his experiences in law enforcement that inspired him to run to represent New York’s 26th District in the State Assembly.

Speranza is rallying against the sweeping bail reform laws that were adopted throughout the state three years ago that ended the assessment of cash bail in most cases involving misdemeanors and non-violent felonies.

However, he and many other public officials argue the laws are simply releasing criminals, violent and otherwise, back on to the streets where they may reoffend.

“They are taking baseball bats to people’s heads, like the girl in the subway, and nobody’s doing anything about it. These people should be in jail or in a mental facility but we’re doing nothing,” Speranza said, citing various examples of re-offenders who were released under the cashless bail system.

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